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Find out how easy it is to disable screenshot thumbnail previews, enable repeating characters while holding one key or group your Dock by adding extra spaces.
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Casana offers you a lot of useful features that are hidden in MacOS, making you more in charge of your workflow performance.

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Do you like contemporary interfaces? We do, too! Casana has a modern design that your eye will appreciate.

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Dark mode

Dark mode is one of the most in-demand features of 2020. In Casana you can easily turn it on and off with just one click.

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Tweak your dock

Using Casana you can group your applications however you like. Add small, big spaces or a stack with recently used applications.

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Real Dark Mode

Dark mode reduces the luminance of device screens while meeting minimum color contrast ratios. It improves the visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, adjusting brightness to current lighting conditions, and facilitating screen use in dark environments – all while conserving battery power.

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To run this app without any issues you need to have at least a dual-core processor and 2GB ram. Supported MacOS versions: All above 10.12 (Sierra 2016)

Casana will also work on the oldest versions like OSX Yosemite or El Capitan but we can't guarantee that everything will work flawless. If you notice any bugs - contact us via webform below.
Yes, it does!
The internet connection is required to activate the app. Once you activate it, there is no need to have it.
If you encounter an issue with the functionality of Casana, please let us know. We're more than happy to help you and fix it as soon as possible.
That's great! We want to provide our users with the best service possible so don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us. Simply use the form for submitting new issues: request a new feature.
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Apple hides certain files away from the Mac Finder to make sure nothing breaks accidentally. Nevertheless, sometimes you need to see those files in order to fix something else - with Casana it will only take you a second. Finder - display the Pathbar
By default, the User Library folder is hidden in Mac OS 10.7 and above.
Curly quotations can become quite a problem if you are typing code into a text editor or an app like Notes, OneNote or Evernote. Luckily, they can easily be enabled and disabled in one click.
You might have noticed that if you take a screenshot, a thumbnail preview of it pops up in the right bottom corner of the display and stays there for a few seconds. You can disable those thumbnails so that your screenshots are ready to use straight away.
Unfortunately, all of your documents e.g. from apps like Pages will be saved on iCloud by default. Turn on this feature to save your documents only on your local disk!


With this option you can easily hide the Doc when it is not in use.
Create a stack with recently used applications so you can access them swiftly anytime you want.

Preview from our customer on MacOS Catalina: Finder - display the Pathbar
By default, MacOS rearranges desktop spaces based on usage in the Mission Control. Simply click on this option if you want the desktop spaces to be arranged based on your most recent use.
Add a small or big space as a separator to your Dock. If you want to group your applications then it's the way to do it! Finder - display the Pathbar


Finder doesn't show file extensions by default. You can easily change it with Casana. Finder - display the Pathbar
Display a current path of active window instead of "Finder" title. Finder - display the Pathbar
Have you ever permanently removed an important file by accident? We did, too. That’s why we created this feature - now everytime you want to delete something, you will get a warning before doing so. Finder - display the Pathbar
When you open a new Finder window, you see the new “All My Files” folder instead of your home directory. You can change that action with this feature.
If you want to have your current path displayed at the bottom of the Finder window, it’s the ideal feature for you. Finder - display the Pathbar
The Finder's statusbar shows the number of items contained in a folder and the amount of space available on the drive. Finder - display the Pathbar


By default, the autocorrection is enabled on a MacOS. With this option, your computer will automatically correct the spelling of words that are identified as misspelled.
If you press and hold certain keyboard keys when in a text area, the key’s character begins to repeat ("The default "press and hold" behavior" should be turned on). For example, the Delete key continues to remove text for as long as you hold it down. You can set a very fast repeat rate so you don’t need to wait while holding the key before it starts repeating and you can also speed up how fast it repeats once it starts.
If you press and hold certain keyboard keys when in a text area, the key won't begin to repeat and it will display mini popup with additional characters. It might be frustrating when you need to type the same letters a couple of times.
You can fix it by turning on this option.

If you feel like repeating is too slow for you then please, turn on Turn on fast key repeat rate option in Keyboard category.